Tag: #WOMEX2015

István Pál “Szalonna” and his Band

Foto: lumidance – Levente Váradi Szalonna and his fellow musicians play folk music from all territories with a deep knowledge, ease and authenticity . Alongside the violins, the cimbalom and wind instruments also play leading roles accompanied by a robust bass section. Their lively, virtuoso performances have earned them a…

Mónika Lakatos and the Gypsy Voices

Mónika Lakatos is an outstanding performer of authentic Olah Gypsy folk music, which she sings with an overwhelming intensity and profound empathy. Accompanied by musicians on traditional instruments, her voice projects the traditions of an ethnic community and the fates of individual people. www.lakatosmonika.hu


Foto: András Farkas Romengo performs traditional Hungarian Olah Gypsy folk music featuring songs learned from their parents and original songs, along with a variety of unique instruments. Most of the members learned to play music at the same time they learned to speak. Romengo has performed at more than 25…

Bea Palya

Foto: Anita Veres As a distinctive figure on the Hungarian world music and songwriting scene Bea intertwines traditional influences from Hungarian, Bulgarian, Jewish and Gypsy folk music with a modern spin and her own emotional imprints to create an innovative world music sound. info@palyabea.hu // +3630 821 5405