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Török Tilla Folk Experience

Foto: Csaba Helyes Playing music since childhood, multi-instrumentalist folk singer Tilla Török’s band, which includes her siblings, creates a unique musical synergy that interweaves Hungarian folk music elements with the ancient music of the Eurasian Steppe. toroktillaofficial@gmail.com // +3670 320 0976

Veronika Harcsa Bálint Gyémánt Quartet

Foto: Stefania Marcus Colourful, narrative melodies, traditional Eastern European rhythms and contemporary jazz elements fuse into a dynamic rich sound through Veronika’s mesmerizing voice, Bálint’s virtuoso guitar playing and a top notch Belgian rhythm section, making this quartet genuinely Pan-European. miklos.anga.kis@mmmbooking.hu // +3670 398 9216

Mónika Lakatos and the Gypsy Voices

Mónika Lakatos is an outstanding performer of authentic Olah Gypsy folk music, which she sings with an overwhelming intensity and profound empathy. Accompanied by musicians on traditional instruments, her voice projects the traditions of an ethnic community and the fates of individual people. www.lakatosmonika.hu

Ötödik Évszak

Foto: Balázs Berki Sándor ’Sündi’ Csoóri Jr., a prominent figure in the younger generation of Hungarian folk musicians, formed this group with friends including some excellent string players, a cimbalom player and French-Hungarian singer Isabella Caussanel to create exceptional and uplifting music. lhorvath@fono.hu // +3630 220 6352

Parno Graszt

Foto: Botond Istvándi Known for their exuberant live performances where audience and band become one, Parno Graszt has made their vibrant mark on the global world music scene. Songlines Magazine called them “The Source of Gypsy Music”, the BBC made a documentary about them and they’re regulars on the World…


Foto: András Farkas Romengo performs traditional Hungarian Olah Gypsy folk music featuring songs learned from their parents and original songs, along with a variety of unique instruments. Most of the members learned to play music at the same time they learned to speak. Romengo has performed at more than 25…

Ági Szalóki

Foto: László Emmer The winner of numerous recognitions, including the Liszt Award, Ági Szalóki has been active on the Hungarian world music scene since 1999, singing for bands like Ökrös and the world music band Besh o Drom. 16 years ago she began to write and perform children’s music incorporating…

Ágnes Herczku and Nikola Parov

You’re bound to bump into Ágnes Herzcku and Nikola Parov on the world music scene. Their longstanding musical partnership has consistently created exciting and colourful music rooted in traditional folk melodies fused with mainstream sounds. The albums from their joint project “Ági Herczku & Band” regularly land at the top…

Bea Palya

Foto: Anita Veres As a distinctive figure on the Hungarian world music and songwriting scene Bea intertwines traditional influences from Hungarian, Bulgarian, Jewish and Gypsy folk music with a modern spin and her own emotional imprints to create an innovative world music sound. info@palyabea.hu // +3630 821 5405

Branka Trio

A vibrant young Hungarian-Serbian folk singer and musician, Branka Básits completed her folk music studies at the Hungarian Academy of Music. Her passion for Balkan traditions comes alive on stage with the help of an accordion player and jazz guitarist, creating new dimensions of world music. xprodukcio@gmail.com // +3620 501…