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Foto: Balázs Deim Formed in 1974 during the early days of the Hungarian folk dance revival movement, the band’s repertoire is based not only on prominent researcher’s materials, but on their own folk music collections in the field. They are heavily influenced by Southern Slav folk music of Hungary, but…


Foto: The Orbital Strangers Project This band of brothers use their signature instruments, Hungarian-Serbian tamburas, to brilliantly combine sparkling virtuosity, a respect for tradition and enthusiastic innovation to create a sound that is energetic and upbeat, but delicate at the same time. management@sondorgo.hu


Foto: Gábor Erdélyi Babra breathes new life into the manifold musical heritage of the South Slavs. The band’s vibrant personality is determined by the unity of the tamburas, the harmony of the clarinet and the accordion, and the unique appearance of the tambura bass played by the only woman in…