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Foto: Levente Váradi Five city boys with classical music backgrounds, inspired by Hungarian folk music encountered on trips to Transylvania, formed a band in 1986. They devoted themselves to preserving the traditional musical styles of the villages they visited and the musicians they encountered. Since then Tükrös has toured the…

Török Tilla Folk Experience

Foto: Csaba Helyes Playing music since childhood, multi-instrumentalist folk singer Tilla Török’s band, which includes her siblings, creates a unique musical synergy that interweaves Hungarian folk music elements with the ancient music of the Eurasian Steppe. toroktillaofficial@gmail.com // +3670 320 0976

Zűrös Banda

Playing Hungarian and Balkan music without borders, Zűrös Banda is made up of well-established musicians from the Hungarian folk and world music scene. Their fresh approach combines authentic folk music melodies (Hungarian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian) with the modern sound of their rhythm section to create heartfelt ballads as well…

Ötödik Évszak

Foto: Balázs Berki Sándor ’Sündi’ Csoóri Jr., a prominent figure in the younger generation of Hungarian folk musicians, formed this group with friends including some excellent string players, a cimbalom player and French-Hungarian singer Isabella Caussanel to create exceptional and uplifting music. lhorvath@fono.hu // +3630 220 6352