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Mónika Lakatos and the Gypsy Voices

Mónika Lakatos is an outstanding performer of authentic Olah Gypsy folk music, which she sings with an overwhelming intensity and profound empathy. Accompanied by musicians on traditional instruments, her voice projects the traditions of an ethnic community and the fates of individual people. www.lakatosmonika.hu

Parno Graszt

Foto: Botond Istvándi Known for their exuberant live performances where audience and band become one, Parno Graszt has made their vibrant mark on the global world music scene. Songlines Magazine called them “The Source of Gypsy Music”, the BBC made a documentary about them and they’re regulars on the World…


Foto: The Orbital Strangers Project This band of brothers use their signature instruments, Hungarian-Serbian tamburas, to brilliantly combine sparkling virtuosity, a respect for tradition and enthusiastic innovation to create a sound that is energetic and upbeat, but delicate at the same time. management@sondorgo.hu