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Foto: Lázár Todoroff The living embodiment of the EU’s motto “United in diversity”, this seven member multicultural group fuses Hungarian folk, classical, ethno-jazz and Balkan music with a good dose of humour to create an electrifying sound featuring the magical cimbalom. Their free-styling, dynamic style can not be contained within…

Gipsy Cimbalom Band

Kalman Balogh formed this band of six virtuosos in 1993 as an experiment in fusing genres like gypsy music, jazz, flamenco, swing, klezmer and ragtime. The end result is a uniquely diverse and universal sound conducive to extraordinary concert experiences. info@kalmanbalogh.hu // +3670 538 8975


Foto: Ingrid Andrási Cimbalomduo is a meeting of two master cimbalom players Kálmán Balogh and Miklós Lukács who, over the past few decades in their separate careers, have elevated the global profile of this emblematic Hungarian instrument. Together they create a whole new level of virtuosity by combining their cross-genre…