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Hungarian Heritage House

The Hungarian Heritage House (HHH) is a cultural institution safeguarding and promoting the traditional cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin. The activities cover all fields of folklore: folk music, folk dance, folk art and folk narratives.
The institution produces arts programmes through performances of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, as well as other outstanding musicians, bands and dance ensembles of the vibrant folk scene. It is a co-partner of music festivals and operates a concert venue in a fully modernised historical building in the heart of Budapest. It organises applied folk arts programmes and provides a wide selection of courses and training possibilities at both professional and hobby levels, including adult education and craft workshops, as well as children’s programmes.
HHH’s folklore documentation centre and its publications, with the services of its own library and archives, provide the materials for further research and education. While the Museum of Applied Hungarian Folk Art collects and exhibits items related to folk art in temporary thematic exhibitions. Cultural management and the development of a network throughout the Carpathian Basin to transmit the values of traditional culture is a new activity and a headline goal of the HHH.

hhinfo@hagyomanyokhaza.hu // +361 225 6097